Is Health Related to the State of Society?

Cherry blossoms have started blooming. It is getting more fun to go Nordic walking in the morning.

I talked about evidence and experience in yesterday’s post, and I mentioned there was a flood of books on diet and longevity written by doctors and scientists.

Well, one thing the Ikigai Diet is different from those books is that it is a socially friendly diet. That aspect is not so addressed in other books. I think it is because society and one’s health are not directly related and there is no medical evidence to suggest it.

There is no direct connection but I think there are indirect links between our wellbeing and the state of the world.

And to see those indirect links we need to look at other fields than medicine such as environment, economy, or philosophy. However, doctors don’t have expertise in these fields and therefore they don’t pay attention to them.

One example of these indirect links is climate change. Even though we practice intermittent fasting, HIIT, and a gut-friendly diet to stop the aging process, if we are hit by a big hurricane, we will die. To extend our lifespan, we need to shift our society to be able to sustain our lives, as well.

That is where the concept of Sanpo-Yoshi comes in. Three-way-happiness.

I am happy.

You are happy.

Society is happy.

The Ikigai Diet is designed to bring wellness and happiness in three directions.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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