Cocoa and Hemp Protein Bread

Recently, I have been making bread with cocoa powder and hemp protein powder. Both cocoa and hemp are good for us and make the bread slightly healthier. My son loves bread and he wants to have it for breakfast every morning but I want him to eat fermented brown rice most of the time. During the spring break, which will end today for god sake, I am giving him exceptions. Nonetheless, if he has bread he might as well has nutrient-rich bread.

It has got some nuts, seeds, raisins, and rice flour, which is very popular in Japan now to use for bread, pancakes, and biscuits.

I don’t have breakfast during the week since I am practicing 16-hour fasting. That means I hardly eat bread because I used to have bread only in the morning. However, I have been having it for lunch this week just because I want to eat cocoa and hemp protein bread and it gives me additional protein.

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