I Have Completed the 9th Week of My Intermittent Fasting

I have completed the 9th week of my intermittent fasting, which means it has been two months since I started it. 3 or 4 weeks to go to reach the first three months.

I am happy that I have come this far. It means I can do it. It has become my routine now. I have also done HIIT after Nordic walking in the morning and found it doable. It is good to do it after Nordic walking. This way I do both aerobic training and muscle training, as well as mental training with my walking meditation; it is an all-round exercise.

I feel confident and powerful somehow. Maybe it is an effect of this routine. My power of influence is increasing. This routine is affecting other areas of my life.

Well, it is exciting to see what will happen in three or four weeks’ time when I complete the third month of intermittent fasting, Nordic walking, and HIIT.


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