Satoyama Nordic Walking along Water-filled Rice Paddies

Rice paddies have water now, and people will plant rice next week or so. The end of April to the beginning of May is the rice planting season in Japan. It is a beautiful time to go walking or cycling and my regular morning Nordic walking gives me further pleasure.


I told you that I go Nordic walking every morning on top of doing HIIT because it has further benefits and enjoying the view is one of them. It uplifts my feeling and helps my Shinon Kansha meditation and positive thinking.

Studies show that happier people live longer and mentality is one of the key factors of longevity. That is why the Ikigai Diet provides some mental work, and the whole diet is designed with that in mind.

It makes us aware of the season and the natural kingdom. Once the water is in the rice fields, frogs come into rice fields and we hear them croaking. We also see many birds such as cranes gathering the rice paddies looking for some food.

I love the spring.


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