The Golden Week in Satoyama

It is during the Golden Week in Japan, which is a long holiday week. This year, however, many people are encouraged to stay home especially in cities like Tokyo and Osaka. In our town, Hino Festival, the biggest festival held on May 3rd, was canceled.

And yet, we have plenty of other things to do which don’t involve encountering other people in Satoyama. I collected some wood for the wood-burning stove.

This is a Blue Zone’s lifestyle. Working in Satoyama is our exercise.


On the way to get here, we saw a lot of holidaymakers’ cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, looks like they don’t seem to be bothered by the pandemic. Well, we get to see this scenery as part of our daily life.

Mind you, my son wasn’t entirely pleased. Why do we have to work on holiday?

So, I told him, you are lucky, at least, you get to be out in the sun, kids in the cities have to stay at home, plus you can build your muscles, by carrying all this wood.


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