The 13th Week of 16/8 Fasting, Nordic Walk, and HIIT

I am back at my regular schedule, now the Golden Week is completely over. I didn’t count last week since I did it only for two days, so this is officially the 13th week of my autophagy activating routine.

May is a great month to go Nordic walking. Leaves are turning fresh green color and it is getting more vivid each day.

Today, I did HIIT outside. Usually, I do HIIT in the house after coming back from Nordic walk, but today, I did some sprinting as HIIT. Then I did push-ups and sit-ups on the grass field. It was fantastic because I could lie down on the grass as I rested for 10 seconds between my reps. It was like earthing.

I added sprinting to upgrade my workout. Now, I have gotten used to doing HIIT, I can do more. For the next three months, I will challenge a little more strenuous HIIT.

HIIT is not for everybody, especially for people over 60, I wouldn’t recommend it completely. It can be too hard. There are other ways to boost your autophagy and sirtuin such as walking and intermittent fasting, and if you are doing them that is enough.

Nevertheless, one thing I noticed about HIIT is that it does make you feel young. It reminds me of the younger age when I worked out at the gym. Yes, I used to work out at the gym three times a week. I lifted heavy free weights and stuff. Compared to that, it is not strenuous at all, and I can get the same kind of satisfaction that my body is getting fit. You don’t need to do lengthy exercises but just short ones, and they can make you feel young and fit again. On the same note, playing sports like soccer or basketball just for 20 minutes or so would be good, too.

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