Amazon Diet

What is the amazon diet?

That is another metaphor to describe the Ikigai Diet. The Ikigai Diet works in the same way as a tropical rainforest does. In the tropical rainforest, there are millions of different species, each one serving unique roles to create the forest. In your diet, too, you don’t need a specific supplement to do the job, it is a collective effort of each nutrient or bacterium. You want to have a wide variety of them, instead.

That is why I recommend Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I to cover the diversity in food sources.

That is why I recommend Ichibutsu Zentaishoku to eat the whole thing such as eating the skins as well when you eat a vegetable and eating the bones as well when you eat fish.

That is why I recommend Shindofuji to eat locally and seasonally. Local polyculture farming has a circulation system like a rainforest which I described as Satoyama in the book.

That is why I recommend Ichiju Sansai to have several dishes in each meal to cover the diversity.

That is why I recommend different cooking methods such as stewing, vinegaring, seasoning, steaming, and pickling to bring out different elements in each ingredient.

That is why I recommend Hare and Ke to make a distinction between the time to relax and the time to discipline yourself since each period plays an important role in your diet.

That is why I recommend intermittent fasting so that you can rest your intestines each day, and this break plays a significant role for autophagy to work as well as the gut microbiota to reorganize itself.

And that is why I include exercises, mentality, natural lifestyle, and Ikigai in your diet to tackle health holistically.

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