Shinrinyoku: Japanese Bio-Hacking

I uploaded a new video on Shinrinyoku, forest bathing.


Shinrinyoku, forest bathing is a Japanese bio-hacking method. In other words, it is a bio-harmonizing method. In many ways, bio-hacking done in Japan is bio-harmonizing.


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This is because Japanese people are the people of the forest. 70% of our land is covered by mountains or forests and we have built a strong bond with nature over the course of our history. The Japanese culture is very much influenced by nature. So when we bio-hack ourselves, we value natural processes, and we try not to do anything unnatural such as relying too much on technology. Nagano Prefecture is the longest living prefecture in Japan now, and it is one of the most mountainous regions in Japan. People spend a lot of time in the forest and they do Shinrinyoku in their daily life.

It is said that Shinrinyoku

reduces stress hormones,

activates parasympathetic nerves system,

suppresses sympathetic nerves system,

decreases blood pressure,

increases protein,

and boosts up the immune system.


You can also absorb a lot of Ki energy which can harmonize your meridians from the perspective of oriental medicine.

For details, watch the video.


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