Natural Gardening: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

My Hare period, mTOR activating period, is over now, and I am back at my Ke period, autophagy activating period. I went Nordic walking this morning, and I didn’t eat until 1 pm, which means I did 17 hours fast. Plus, I didn’t use any computers for 2 hours before going to bed last night and 2 hours after getting up this morning, meaning I did intermittent digital fasting.

Today, I would like to share with you another Shizenha bio-hacking method, natural gardening. Natural Gardening is based on Natural Farming, but it is just gardening, not farming. You grow vegetables naturally in your small garden. Because it isn’t farming, you can be more playful with it, and try Masanobu Fukuoka’s method of letting vegetables grow wildly.

Gardening is one of the keys to longevity in Blue Zones, and it is a good form of exercise among centenarians. Gardening has another benefit, which is it provides you opportunities to be aware of the natural kingdom, and connect you with microorganisms in the soil.

Unlike walking in the woods or other outdoor sports, you are closer to the soil and you spend much longer time in the same small spot when you do gardening. You discover new plants or insects, and you notice things you didn’t notice before.

This connection to the soil is critical in Shizenha bio-hacking because it is a process of bio-harmonizing yourself with other living creatures; microorganisms in the soil and gut microbiomes.

Especially, if you do natural gardening. By letting vegetables grow wildly, you understand how the sun and rain can help them grow.



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