Nordic Walking: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

It was raining this morning so I didn’t go Nordic walking. Usually, I go Nordic walking from Monday to Friday and I rest on the weekend just like I rest from intermittent fasting, but sometimes I change my schedule depending on the weather.

Anyway, Nordic walking is a great way of Shizenha bio-hacking. It is originally from Finland, the happiest country in the world, that alone makes you feel happy. If you are familiar with the concept called Anchoring in NLP, you know why. The act of holding Nordic poles is a trigger and makes you feel like you are Finnish, a happy person.

On top of that, I practice a Japanese version of Nordic walking, which is to pay attention to your posture while walking. I learned it from Mr. Kosuke Hirai, the acupuncturist I mentioned in the book, and he thinks posture is everything.  If you have the wrong posture when you walk you are actually damaging your body than helping it. That applies to any other movement. First, learn the proper posture and do whatever sport you do.

When you stand with two poles, you try to stand with your back straight. You check to see if your both legs are straight and feel the tension in your spine. Then you begin walking but always pay attention to your spine. After walking for a while, you get used to the feeling. You feel that the spine is straight. You can also visualize how your spine is connecting heaven and earth in a straight line.

Just like Satoyama cycling, if you go Nordic walking in the countryside, you feel the connection with nature and it can bio-harmonize you with the natural kingdom.

If you live in a flat land, Nordic walking is the perfect way to exercise. It is not too strenuous, and it gives you just the right amount of stress to be hormesis.

It can be a great walking meditation, too. Because you have your back straight, it has the same effect as Zen meditation where you also sit with your back straight. I usually do Shinon Kansha meditation during my Nordic walking, and that is to appreciate all positive things happening in my life. Because I do it in the morning, I can start my day with happy feelings.

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