Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet Has Gotten Over 2000 Views

The blue spots on the map are long-lived villages Dr. Shoji Kondo discovered over 50 years ago. There are so many of them.

My mTOR activating weekend is over and I am back on autophagy activating week. I did some weeding after Nordic walking this morning. The weeds grow very quickly now. We have had a lot of rain recently.

My video entitled Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet has gotten over 2000 views, which is the biggest among all my English videos. I know it isn’t a lot of views but for me, it is the first time to go over 1000. (I have videos in Japanese which have over 10000 views, but it is a new record in English)



I am so excited.


And it is growing. It was around 900 last week, which was already a big number for me. Then it went up to 1800 within a few days and finally over 2000.


I know the reason, too. I placed a Facebook ad for the Ikigai Diet page and it generated a lot of traffic to the page. These ads seem to work after all. It was my first time to place a Facebook ad. I wasn’t sure if these ads would actually work, but it was just 3500 yen for 7 days, so I thought it was worth a shot.


The Ikigai Diet | Facebook


God, it is getting sounding like an ad of Facebook ads-haha.


Well, one thing I don’t know is why this particular video. Other videos in the Ikigai Diet Channel have an increase in views, but just 30 or 40 more views.




I suppose it is to do with the title. Maybe Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet is intriguing to many people.


Yet, there are other captivating titles( in my opinion-haha), too like Shizenha Bio-Hacking or Japanese Bio-Hacking.


I still don’t understand how people respond to certain titles.


Anyway, it is good news. I am so happy.


Dr. Kondo’s research should be in the spotlight more. It is valuable fieldwork. Many years before Dan Buettner discovered Blue Zones, this medical professor at Tohoku University spent 36 years traveling around Japan, visiting over 990 little towns and villages and discovered many long-lived villages.

Dr. Kondo is the man on the right. Look at him, carrying this old rucksack and briefcase. He was traveling using trains and buses. Yes, it was done between 1935 and 1971. It must have been an extreme amount of work put into this research. It should be credited more. But this is the reality. When someone publishes his or her work, it hardly reaches a worldwide audience.
Even today, a man like Dr. Tamotsu Yoshimori, one of the leading autophagy experts, isn’t known outside Japan. I told you that his book Life Science is a best seller in Japan, and yet it isn’t translated into English.
That’s why I am sharing Japanese information in English.
These people deserve to be known more.





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