Satoyama Train Cycling: Ikigai Bio-Hacking

Last Saturday, my son and I went Satoyama train cycling.

First, we did the usual Satoyama cycling to Hino station.

Then, we got on Omi-Tetsudo train with our bikes and went all the way to the last stop, Maibara station. You can carry your bikes on Omi-Tetsudo, which is rare in Japan.

We arrived at Maibara station. It is a big station where the bullet train stops.  In other words, if you are coming from Tokyo, you can get off at Maibara station, change to Omi-Tetsudo, and come to Hino. There is a rental cycle shop for Biwaichi at the station. Biwaichi is cycling around Lake Biwa. As you come out of Omi-Tetsudo platform, you come to this spot, and you immediately feel welcomed as cyclists.

We were not going to do Biwaichi today. It takes two days and it would be difficult to do it with my son yet. Nevertheless, Lake Biwa was definitely one destination we wanted to get to. To go to Lake Biwa from Hino by bike takes a long time, but the train makes it easier.

  Before going to Lake Biwa, we went to a place called the Forest of Totoro.

It was a small spot in a quiet residential area.

Then, we cycled to the lake.

It was my first time to bring my mountain bike to Lake Biwa.

We cycled on the Biwaichi course for a little bit, too.

Then, we cycled back to Maibara station and took the train back to Hino station.

It was nice to be back in Hino.

And it wasn’t the end of our cycling trip.

Cycling back home from Hino station was the hardest part since it was slightly uphill, we were heading toward the foot of Mt. Watamuki.

I thought Satoyama train cycling was Ikigai bio-hacking, meaning it is a great exercise for seniors and it can be their Ikigai. By using the train in the middle, it becomes less strenuous, and going somewhere far gives them stimulus. The other day, I shared with you how Ikigai was Nagano’s secret to their longevity and one of their Ikigai factors was going on trips. Nagano’s seniors travel a lot.

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