How to Make Wishes at the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th

The Lion’s Gate Portal is coming soon. It is happening on August 8th this year. If you have been following me with the new moon in Aquarius, Summer Solstice, and the full moon in Aquarius, the Lion’s Gate Portal is the continuous flow of celestial events. The Lion’s Gate Portal happens every year, but it is special this year because it coincides with the same day as the Leo new moon. New moons are prime times to set intentions and work with manifestation rituals. August 8 means 88, a significant number in numerology. It means infinity. In Japan, it also means rice, which is a symbol of prosperity. It is Ichiryu Manbai bi, too, the day when you plant one rice, it will come back as ten thousand.

On top of that, it is taking place in the Age of Air and the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Air vs. the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Air vs. the Age of Aquarius: Part 2

It is taking place between the two full moons in Aquarius, the fullmoon on July 24th and the fullmoon on August 22nd. It has plenty of aquarian energy.

You now understand that August 8th, 2021 is an unbelievably magical and powerful day.

So, it is perfect timing to make your wishes and I will share with you how to do it.

You can do things like Yoshuku, Ima Iwai or, Shinon Kansha meditation.

Yoshuku: a Japanese method of Manifestation

Cherry Blossoms, Yoshuku, and Ima Iwai


First, you want to do Shinon Kansha. You appreciate gods for manifesting positive realities for you. Find something you feel grateful for happening in your life right now and give gratitude.

Then, you shift your mind to the future realities you wish to manifest. Do not ask gods to manifest them. Again, you can thank gods as if they have already manifested them for you. Imagine that you have already manifested them. How do you feel? Feel excited, don’t you? You remember the joy and satisfaction from your Kamion Kansha meditation a minute ago, you can just continue feeling happy with new realities. Appreciate gods for them in the past tense as if they have already happened.

It is better your wishes are Sanpo-Yoshi. The wishes make you happy, people you have direct contact with happy, and the society in general happy. In other words, your wishes are three-way satisfaction. Because the Lion’s Gate Portal is about transforming the earth itself, it is best manifested if your wishes and planetary wishes are congruent.

Don’t let your ego come in, and let your higher self take charge. It is a significant moment and you don’t want to waste it with old energy.

We are in the Age of Air and the Age of Aquarius. The times they are changing, let you flow in the new energy.

San in Sanpo-Yoshi means three, and 3 is a powerful number, too. Combining with 88 it will be paramount.

If you can, go to a power spot or a forest, mountain, beach, or any other natural spot to do it.

The Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on August 8, but it remains open for a few weeks before and after so, don’t worry if you missed it on August 8th.


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