Nagano’s Superfoods May Help You Fight against the Coronavirus

Yesterday, I shared with you the video Nagano vs. Okinawa: Which is the King of Japanese Blue Zones?

In the video, I talked about Okinawa having goya and sweet potatoes as their superfoods and Nagano having miso and mushrooms as their superfoods, but actually, there are more, grapes and apples are significant factors of Nagano’s longevity, too. I couldn’t put everything in since there was limited space.

I didn’t even talk about them in my other video about Nagano for the same reason.


Instead, I mentioned them in this video.

Yes, grapes and apples are specialties of Takayama village in Nagano Prefecture, but actually, they are grown a lot all over Nagano.

Grapes are known for resveratrol, and apples are known for apple polyphenol, they are considered superfoods worldwide, but did you know that they may help you fight against COVID?.

According to Dr. Seiji Ishiguro, quercetin found in grapes and apples may stop the growth of the coronavirus when you are infected. it can also prevent the cytokine storm.

It isn’t certain and you can’t depend on it, but consuming grapes and apples regularly is good for your longevity anyway, so there is no harm doing it.

Dr. Ishiguro doesn’t recommend the supplement for this reason, but instead, he recommends that you eat foods with quercetin. You are not solely relying on one nutrient, just absorbing all kinds of good nutrients from various food sources will boost your immune system.

Quercetin is found in grapes, apples, berries, green tea, and red wine. These are all superfoods with other health benefits, too. Green tea can activate autophagy, for example.

For red wine, you should limit to one or two glasses a day, and I wouldn’t drink it every day. Maybe a few times a week and drink organic wine with less sugar, up to 12.5% alcohol. Many people say red wine is good for you, but it is still alcohol, you shouldn’t drink it for the sake of your health. You can always eat grapes in that case.

I don’t discourage people from drinking wine because you need to have fun sometimes and having a happy mental state is important, but it doesn’t mean I encourage it.

I wrote about how to drink wine in my book, so for more tips, please read the book.

Anyway, boosting your immune system is crucial during this time, so eat the above-mentioned foods, do intermittent fasting, go Nordic walking, and sleep well.  Don’t forget to eat Natto, of course-haha.


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