Permaculture for Longevity: Finding a Town where You Naturally Have to Move a lot

In the last post, I shared with you how you could incorporate your exercises into your daily routine, and I mentioned permaculture that you could design your house to make you naturally move a lot.

Today, I would like to talk about how to design your living environment, on the whole, to make you move a lot.

Dan Buttner says that the environment is the biggest factor determining one’s happiness. You can use positive psychology to change your mental state, and yet, it isn’t easy for everyone to do that. However when you change your living environment so many outside factors will help you feel different. For example, if you move to Denmark or Finland, countless elements can support your happiness.

Well, in that case, can you move to a place where you can naturally live long?

I bet you can. Moving to a blue zone, for example.

There aren’t that many blue zones to accommodate all of you, and yet there are many places that have the potential of becoming blue zones. Or there are many places where you can more easily design your life to make you move naturally a lot.

In my video Seven Longevity Secrets of Nagano, the King of Japanese Blue Zones, I said one of their secrets was living in a highland. When you live at a high altitude, your mitochondria have to work harder so that it is more activated.

In that case, moving to highland is one. Moving to a hilly city such as San Fransisco or Brighton, U.K can be good because you’ll be walking ups and downs a lot like Sardinia Italy.

I encourage you to move to the countryside in many ways. It is so much easier to design your life to do gardening and go nature walking.

People are a very important factor, too. If you move to a place where many health-conscious people live, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people.

In the Ikigai Diet book, I told you to create your social circle by sharing the ikigai diet, I think it was in Chapter 12 Adding Hygge to the Japanese Diet. I prefer the idea of transforming your own environment than moving to somewhere else, but not all of us have the energy to change our surroundings. So going somewhere else is always an option.

To think of how to transform your town, you can model Nagano and Shiga who have transitioned to the lands of longevity.


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