Hare and Ke Autophagy Fasting

I was going to tell you how I feel about alternate day fasting after doing it last week, but before that, I made a video about 17 hours fasting.


Some of you are still doing 16 hours fasting, and 24 hours fasting is too early. Shifting to 17 hours fasting is the first step.

According to Dr. Mindy Pelz, the activation of autophagy begins after 17 hours of fasting and the process continues all the way to 72 hours of fasting. The longer you fast the further the cellular repair occurs.

Dr. Mindy Plez’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4cN…

To shift from 16 hours fasting to 17 hours fasting, you can stretch 1 hour. If you were eating lunch at noon, wait for another hour and have lunch at 1 pm.

Or, you can finish dinner by 7 pm instead of 8 pm, and you can have lunch at noon the next day.

For detail please watch the video.


Tomorrow, I will tell you about alternate day fasting.


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