24 Hours Fasting Wasn’t So Hard Today

This week, I got back to regular 17 hours intermittent fasting, and today, I did 24 hours fasting. I was doing it on Wednesdays before but I tried doing it on Friday this week to see how I would feel about doing 24 hours fasting at the end of the weekday intermittent fasting.

Today, it wasn’t as hard as last week. It was just like doing 18 hours fast or 20 hours fast. I got hungry between 6 pm and 8 pm but it wasn’t like I was starving to death. Maybe I have gotten used to doing it. Dr. Mindy said that you would get used to it after about 10 days and it was true after all.

Anyway, I am happy that I have completed another week of intermittent fasting. I am looking forward to the weekend Hare feast. I bought a special sake for it-haha.


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