Tarobo Shrine and Jugoya, the Harvest Moon

On the last day of our long weekend, we went to Tarobo Shrine.


It has many steps here, too. I am really getting into climbing these shrine steps.

Climbing up Shrine Steps: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

This time, we climbed to the top. The shrine is located in the middle of the mountain, and we usually get to that point, but we walked up further yesterday.

Tarobo is a power spot, too, and it was great preparation for the full moon.

Today is the full moon and it is a special one in Japan called Jugoya.

Tsukimi, Moon Viewing: a Japanese Secret to Longevity

We will do Tsukimi tonight, but I am also doing one day fast, meaning 36 hours fast. Yes, I am trying 36 hours fasting for the first time.

My video Japanese Blue Zones’ Diet has gotten over 9000 views. It reached 9000 today on this full moon day. I am so happy. Thank you for watching it.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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