Natto is Supposed to Bring You Fortune According to Feng Shui

Yesterday, I shared with you some of Natto’s health benefits, and how Natto was the king of superfoods.

Natto Extract Blocks Coronavirus Infection in Lab Tests

Well, there is another aspect to Natto. It is a fortune bringing food according to Feng Shui. There are different kinds of fortune bringing foods but beans are usually considered to bring financial or business fortune. So both Natto and Tofu are good. Miso soup is great, too.

Feng Shui is all about Ki energy and it is important to think of Ki when you eat foods. Does the food have Ki? Which food do you think have more Ki? Mass-produced process foods or home-cooked foods? How about seasonal vegetables or out-of-season vegetables?

To be honest with you, I am not a Feng Shui expert, and I didn’t know any of this until recently, but it looks like many of the elements I wrote about in The Ikigai Diet have Ki.


It means eating locally and seasonally. Local foods contain local bacteria which are more suitable to your body.

Ichibutsu Zentaishoku

It means to eat foods as a whole. Eating whole grains is better than eating refined grains. Eating small fish such as sardine is better than eating big fish such as tuna because you can eat the whole sardine, but when you eat tuna, you eat a part of the fish.

Ichiju Sansai

It means one soup three dishes.

In Japan, Ichiju Sansai meal usually has rice, miso soup, pickles, and three side dishes.

I think it certainly has more Ki than eating a hamburger and French fries out of plastic containers at a fast-food restaurant or a takeaway.

Going back to the topic of Natto, Natto germ is very powerful. It doesn’t die even in boiling water while most germs die in it. I never thought of it in the context of Ki energy, but it must have tremendous Ki energy.


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