I Got New Organic God Rice

I got new rice from a local organic farmer. He has just finished this year’s harvesting. Many of the big rice farmers I know began harvesting at the end of August and finished around this time. That means it takes about a month and a half to harvest all fields. That is a lot of work. I appreciate their hard work a lot, because of them, we get to eat.

The one I got is called Isehikari brand, which was originally grown in the Ise area and was given to Ise Shrine, the most sacred shrine in Japan where the emperor conducts some ceremonies.

Because of it, it is called god rice.

It can make good Banno Koboeki, which is brown rice liquid I mentioned in Chapter 9 Wheat vs. Rice: The Ikigai Diet for Europeans, of the book. It makes good fermented brown rice, too.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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