Autumn Satoyama Cycling and an Old Wooden School

On Saturday, my son and I went Satoyama cycling to Kaigake, another area in Hino Town.

First, we cycled to Shakunage Gorge where I shot my last shinrinyoku video, and it is uphill to go up there, so it was much harder than our usual route, cycling along rice paddies.


From Shakunage gorge, it is downhill to Kaigake, so it was a fabulous, smooth ride.


We stopped by an old elementary school. It is wooden and not used as a school anymore. Kaigake elementary school used to be one of the 6 schools in Hino, but it was closed down many years ago, and children in Kaigake now go to Hino elementary school.


I wonder how my son feels being here as an elementary school student.


Well, there are fewer desks in his class room-haha. There are only 5 of them in his class and probably it is the smallest class in Hino Town.


Because it is rare to find this kind of wooden school recently, the building is often used for TV drama shootings.

It was a good cycling tour enjoying both Autumn leaves and cultural heritage.


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