Shindofuji: Living Locally and Seasonally

I suppose it is the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States now. It is Friday in Japan and my last day of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting this week. This week, I did 36 hours fasting on Monday till Tuesday morning and ate three meals on Tuesday since it was our national holiday Labor Thanksgiving Day.

In my Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting, I do 17 hours fasting four days a week and 24 hours fasting one day a week, but once in each quarter, I do 36 hours fasting, and I did one this week. I really think this system works. It is the most doable and effective way of doing intermittent fasting.

On Wednesday I uploaded a new video.



Shindofuji is a concept in the Ikigai Diet meaning eating locally and seasonally, but it is common in the Japanese natural food movement. It is practiced in the Zen Shojin diet and macrobiotic diet, as well.

Shindofuji means your body and soil are not separate, you are created by microorganisms in your land. That is why it is good to eat locally grown foods, but it goes more than just eating. It really means living locally and seasonally.

You want to get acquainted with your region. Take a walk in your neighborhood, climb a local mountain, visit a local forest and river.

In other words, it is like localization, but it talks about it in a spiritual sense.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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