I Have Been Having Trouble Uploading the Manuscript

This is natto with beetroot. Recently we can get beetroots in Japan. A farm in Shiga is growing them. When I saw this vegetable in England for the first time, it was the strangest vegetable I had ever seen, the color was too bright. But after having it many times, I got used to it and ended up loving it. When I saw it again the last time I went back to England in 2019, I was so excited.

Now we can get one in Japan, I often put it in my salad, being nostalgic for England, plus it adds to the list of my fiber-rich ingredients.

Apparently, this type of vivid colored vegetable is very good for us. David Sinclair said it in one of his recent podcast videos. Colorful plants mean they grew in severe conditions and have a more hermetic effect.

That means natto with beetroot can be another superfood mash-up dish.

Superfood Mashup: Avocado Natto Toast

Anyway, the manuscript and book cover are ready for Ikigai Bio-Hacking, and I have tried uploading files to KDP’s book page. I managed to upload the files to Kindle’s page and it is ready now. It will start selling on the 22nd. However, paperback files have some problems. I managed to upload them but there were some errors.

The page numbers were too low and they were outside the printing range. So were the book titles and chapter titles appearing at the page top. I spent all day fixing them yesterday.  You can imagine how easy it had been, knowing I am such tech-savvy-haha. I was on the phone for many hours with a computer assisting service.

And yet, one of the fonts was not accepted and I changed the font, but still, it becomes an error. I don’t know what to do. Now I have been communicating with amazon customer service over e-mail.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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