2,22,2022 Ikigai Bio-Hacking is Officially Published

It has been snowing a lot this year. Usually, it doesn’t snow after February 15th around here, but it has snowed twice since then.

I feel happy when it is cold outside because mitochondria are stimulated with cold temperature and it has a great hermetic effect.

It is 2, 22, 2022 today. It is a special day with all number 2s. It is also Ichiryumanbaibi in Japan, which is a day when you plant one seed, it will come back as 10000 seeds.

I am so happy to publish Ikigai Bio-Hacking today. Yes, today is the official publication day. It is written in the book.

The paperback is sold at the following places










The kindle version is available all over the world.

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Or just search under Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

The fact that it is Ichiryumanbaibi means if you order the book today, the value will come back as 10000 times more. It is a day to start a new action and the act of buying or signing up with a course will all count as your action. Start ikigai biohacking today to be physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant.