Possible Side Effects of Biohacking

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The Ikigai Diet and Bio-Hacking

I uploaded a new video.


In the Amazon book page of Ikigai Bio-Hacking, it begins,

Ever wondered how NINJAS would BIO-HACK?

Are you interested in bio-hacking to live longer or optimize your performance but are not sure about its possible side effects? If you are over 50, you don’t want to experiment on yourself, do you?

What do I mean by possible side effects? What kinds of side effects can there be?

In this video, I am sharing with you what I think can be the side effects of biohacking.

Recently, I have watched two videos that reinforced my concern about the direction this entire health care and longevity industry is heading.



The first one is David Sinclair’s Lifespan podcast. In the final episode of this season, Dr. David Sinclair and Matthew LaPlante focus on current and near-future technologies relevant to health and aging. In addition to discussing the utility of wearable sensors and biological age measurements, they highlight innovative research aimed at reversing biological age. The societal effects of therapies that successfully extend healthspan and/or lifespan are also considered.



The second one is Rich Roll podcast. Rich Roll talks with XPRIZE Foundation founder Peter Diamandis, MD about humanity’s bright future, the science of lifespan expansion, advancing healthcare, and why being 100 years old will soon be the new 60.

Dr. Peter Diamandis is one of the co-authors of Tony Robbin’s latest book Life Force.

Both David Sinclair and Peter Diamandis are key figures in the field and that means what they say will most likely happen in the next 10 to 20 years.

It looks like our future healthcare system will be very much high-tech-based.

Whether you regard it to be a bright future or have some concerns about dystopian elements as Rich Roll does, we need to think about this matter more carefully before proceeding further in this path.

Especially because things are changing so quickly, we need to stop and take a deep breath, listening to our gut for a minute.

What do you think?

Anyway, if you watch my video along with the two videos, you’ll get more sense of what I am talking about.



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The Ikigai Diet and Bio-Hacking