I’ll be Giving Monthly Webinars from April

Recently, I have been getting up at 6 a few times a week. If I get up at 6, I can catch the sunrise. The actual sunrise time is earlier but because of the mountain, it appears a little later around here.

I usually do sun gazing meditation anyway even when I get up at 7, but sun gazing meditation at sunrise is very powerful.

March 26 is a special day in Japan. Ichiryu Manbai bi, Tensha bi, and Tora no hi are all combined. Each day is considered to be a lucky day and having three of them all at the same time is super lucky, and it is one of the most powerful days this year.

It is good to start something new. If you begin a project on this day, you will never fail.

Therefore, I decided to start giving monthly webinars.

That was something I have been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t gotten around to do it.

At the award ceremony which was held by Zoom, we had a chance to talk to one another, and we exchanged our promotion tips. Some of them were giving seminars. I have been writing blogs and making YouTube videos but haven’t done interactively activities such as giving seminars so much. Now I feel it is critical to interact with people to share this know-how.

Traveling to other countries and giving workshops is still difficult but I can always give webinars. In some ways, the pandemic broke the borders. Once people get used to taking webinars the location doesn’t matter.

So, I will be giving a webinar on the third Thursday of every month. At 10 am Japan time, which will be Wednesday night for people in North America.

The first one will be April 21st (April 20th in North America)

I have made a page for webinars.


Also, I am giving a 5-day-free kindle book campaign for The Ikigai Diet from March 26 to 30.


If you haven’t read the book, please take advantage of this occasion to get the book. If you want to share it with your family and friends, this is the perfect opportunity to do it.




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  • Meena says:

    Yes, I would like to follow this diet which has some similarities to the one we know.
    Thank you for your advice and guidance

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