The Ikigai Diet Has Won the Outstanding Performance Award of the Nekupabu POD Award 2022

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On March 23, 2022, I won the outstanding performance award of the Nekupabu POD Award 2022, with my book The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity.

The Nekupabu POD Award 2022 is an award given by NextPublishing Authors Press, which is a platform to self-publish a book for Amazon KDP. didn’t provide a POD service until October 2021 and if you wanted to publish a paperback, you had to publish one through a Japanese publishing company, and NextPublishing Authors Press was one of the companies providing such a service.

212 people who have published a book through NextPublishing Authors Press participated in the Award contest, and 12 of us are finally selected.

Seven people won the jury’s special award, five people won the outstanding performance award, and among the five who won the outstanding performance award one person was selected to be the Grand Prix winner.

I won the outstanding performance award given to the five people.

I was the only person with the book in English, and that was one of the reasons to be chosen.

There are a few other authors who have published books in English in NextPublishing Authors Press, but mine was the most successful among those books and especially sold a lot on, which meant my book was known in the United States, and it was due to my attempt to promote the book through this blog and the YouTube channel.

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I am happy that this English attempt was recognized because it is often neglected since not many people write books in a foreign language to know the difficulty. Especially in Japan, very few people write books in English. I think it is because the Japanese language is completely different from English in its word order, grammatical structure, and vocabulary, unlike other European languages. It is a painstaking effort to check whether the noun is countable or not, the usage of the and a, the verb tenses, and the countless number of synonyms.

To write this blog post, too, it takes three times as much effort as to write a post in Japanese. The other day I bragged about writing 500 posts here-haha, and that is because of that. Writing 500 posts in English is just like writing 1500 posts in Japanese for me.

Anyway, now it is an award-winning book, please check out The Ikigai Diet if you haven’t read it yet.


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The Ikigai Diet and Bio-Hacking