Five Health Benefits that Make Natto the King of Superfoods

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Have you ever eaten Natto, fermented soybeans?

If you have, did you like it when you tried it?

I know it is an acquired taste, and not many Westerners like it. Even in Japan, many people don’t like it.

I live in Kansai, where Natto isn’t popular, I know many people who don’t like Natto.

One of them is my wife, actually.

Which is strange because she is the one who taught me how to make Natto. Yes, she used to give workshops on how to make Natto at home. Not a Natto dish, but Natto itself.

And now I make Natto every week. I don’t know how many times I have made it, but must have been over 1000 times since I have been doing it for over 5 years.

She eats it because I make one but she still doesn’t like it so much.

So, I know how you feel when you say you don’t like Natto.

My wife is an exception because she has a lot of likes and dislikes, but most people I know get to like it once they get used to its taste. Especially now, there are so many recipes to make it delicious. Eating it with Negi, Karashi, and Shoyu isn’t the only way.

It is such a pity that you are not trying it because of your past experience. It has got tremendous health benefits to missing out. When I say tremendous, it isn’t an exaggeration or a regular sales pitch, I have never seen anything like this. You can say a lot of things about broccoli or avocados, but Natto is exceptional. It is flawless and most doctors and health practitioners agree with me on this point. It was selected to be the healthiest food by 300 doctors in Japan, you know.

Anyway, I made a video about Natto’s health benefits. I didn’t put it in the video because I didn’t want to be censored, but there has been research finding that extract made from Natto may inhibit the ability of the virus that causes COVID-19 to infect cells. It is significant because most superfoods can boost your immune system so that you can protect yourself from developing severe conditions even if you are infected with the virus, but stopping the infection itself is rare.

Even without this point, the five health benefits I introduced in the video are good enough to consider Natto to be part of your diet.





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