An Incredible Recovery Again

After doing Biwaich, the toughest challenge of my life, on Sunday, I went back home and had a bath.

I rested all day on Monday. Well, I did my regular HIIT. I did push-ups and sit-ups since I didn’t have to use my leg muscles. I just didn’t go Nordic walking.

Then, on Tuesday, I felt fine again. I could go Nordic walking.

That was even more surprising than the last time. You know when I went to Osaka two days after my 47 kilometers of Nordic walking.

My Tremendous Recovery from the Walk

That walk was hard, and my legs were really sore, but Biwaichi was three times harder than that. I thought I would need two days break before I could go Nordic walking or cycling again.

So, I recovered much faster than I expected. From Monday to Tuesday, I also did 24 hours fast. I don’t know if fasting has anything to do with it. Anyway, as long as I recover quickly, my fitness level was proven once again.



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