My New Morning Routine



The Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking


Recently, I have begun a new morning routine. Instead of going Nordic walking 5 days a week during the week, I  go Nordic walking 2 days a week, and I do this workout 3 days a week.

I jog to a nearby fill, which takes about 5 minutes, then I climb up this trail.


The trail continues like this.

It takes another 5 minutes to climb up the trail.


Then, I reach this park at the top.


First, I do sun gazing meditation facing the morning sun.

Then, I do standing meditation, gazing at the sun, for 33 seconds.

After that, I do bodyweight HIIT. I do push-ups and sit-ups, and sometimes I dash for about 30 meters. This big space enables me to include running in my HIIT.


This bench and

this bar enable me to add variations to my workout.


The park is surrounded by forests, well, it is in the middle of a mountain, so there are plenty of spaces to do Shinrinyoku, as well.

When I finish my workout, I jog back to the house.

It takes just about an hour, and it is a good combination of cardio and strength training.


I pray at the shrine in front of my house on the way back.

Then, I take a quick cold shower and get changed.

I give my son breakfast and send him off to school.

Then, I change the water of the house shrine and pray there.

After that, I do Wim Hoff’s breathing exercise and I chant Heart Sutra.

Then I start working on the computer with my morning coffee. It is already 2 hours after I woke up, which means I have completed my morning digital fast.



The Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking