I am Completing the 6th Quarter in my Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting

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It is the end of July, and rice has grown in the fields around here.

It is Friday today, meaning the last day of my intermittent fasting. This week is also the last week of the 6th quarter, which means I am completing the 6th quarter in my Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting today.

I have a quarter system in my fasting. I practice intermittent fasting for three months and take a break for one week. Each quarter I review how it went and change the approach for the next quarter. This way, my fasting never becomes mundane.

This change is the key. Cycling between 5 days of Ke period and 2 days of Hare period each week and changing once every three months. It gives you a balance.

You know many people are extreme. When they practice intermittent fasting, they practice it like crazy. One meal a day, or 36 hour fasting every week. And when some people say intermittent fasting isn’t good, they stop it completely.

The Reason Why Many People Are Quitting Intermittent Fasting

Come on! Relax. Be moderate, then you’ll be fine on most occasions.

It goes for everything. Carbs, too. You don’t have to stop eating all carbs. There are types of carbs to think about and the amount is critical, too. Some carbs are absolutely essential from the bacteria’s point of view.

I talk about it in my book The Ikigai Diet, in Chapter 6 Low Carb Diet vs. Brown Rice and Chapter 9 Wheat vs. Rice: the Ikigai Diet for Europeans.

Do not think of everything as black and white or zero or 100.  The balance is everything.

The detail of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting and how I practice it, please read Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

Anyway, I am happy to complete another quarter and looking forward to one week’s holiday from fasting.


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