Gut Microbiome and Soil Microbiome

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I uploaded a new video.

This is a continuation of the bio hackko video.

But this time, I am sharing a book by a doctor who has a similar view.

The book is called Cho to Mori no Tsuchi wo Sodateru: Biseibutsu ga Kenko ni Suru Hito to Kankyo, which roughly translates as Fostering the Soil in the Gut and Forest: Humans and the Environment that are Kept Healthy by Microorganisms, written by Dr. Risa Kirimura.

Dr. Risa Kirimura is a physician who specializes in the gut microbiome.

So, my view is supported by a doctor.

Well, she is not the only one, there are other doctors such as Dr. Shinjiro Honnma, who support the concept that the gut microbiome and soil microbiome are related.

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