Bodyboarding in Lake Biwa

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My son’s school began today and it was the last day of the summer vacation for him yesterday.

We went to Lake Biwa to catch the last chance to swim this summer.

It was windy and many people were windsurfing. We get a lot of waves on a windy day here almost like the sea.

So, instead of doing my regular swimming, I did bodyboarding. I haven’t done much bodyboarding but I used to do body surfing when I swam in the sea. I learned how to do it in Australia when I was 19. I remember doing it a lot in Bondi Beach in Sydney and Surfers Paradise on Gold Coast. So with the bodyboard, I tried to catch the wave in the same way as body surfing, and I managed to do it. It was fun.

As I was riding the wave, I felt it was another form of earthing. You wait for the wave, wait till the best timing, and catch the wave. The whole process is earthing in the way that you had to tune into the natural rhythm. When you ride the wave, you move with the water and the wind, feeling like you are part of nature.

This time, my son brought his friends, and they were all enjoying the waves. They didn’t do bodyboarding but just played with the waves in their own ways.

Overall, my son had a fulfilling summer vacation. This time, he made a plan to spend his days. He did his homework every day and spent 5 hours exposing himself to English. He watched the Disney channel and SIS vs BRO on YouTube. He played with his friends a lot, too.  He had a good balance of studying and playing. And for the first time in his life, he completed all of his summer vacation homework.

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