Sunrise Nordic Walking is a Great Way to Start Your Day

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I told you that I did my cardio workout three times a week and strength training three times a week.

I usually do my strength training right before lunch. In this way, I can bring my exercises at the end of my fasting window, and I can ingest protein right after my workout. In my case, it is usually through natto.

So, it is prebiotics, as well, and it is a great food to break my fast.

However, I usually do my cardio early in the morning. This is to do it while absorbing the morning sunlight. Exercising right after waking up is beneficial in many ways.

First, you can absorb the morning sunlight if you exercise outdoors.

Next, it is good to spend the morning hours without using computers and the morning workout provides such an opportunity.

You also don’t want to drink coffee within 90 minutes after waking up, and the morning workout fills that space.

I uploaded a new video on my morning Nordic walk.


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