This Year’s Winter Solstice is Special: 12. 22. 2022

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The winter solstice will be on 12, 22, 2022, in Japan having six 2s. In spirituality and numerology, matching numbers are regarded to be powerful, and I often use these numbers when I do things. For example, I do sun gazing standing meditation for 33 seconds in the morning, I stir rice 33 times when I make fermented brown rice, and I published Ikigai Bio-Hacking on 2. 22. 2022.

It will be on 12, 21, 2022 in some parts of the world and that is significant, as well, since 12 and 21 are opposite numbers.  Winter solstice itself is a sacred time and it is good to do something meaningful on this day.

The followings are general guidelines for things to do on the winter solstice.

1, Earthing

Go to a park or any field and walk on your barefoot or lie down on your back. Feel the earth energy. Feel that you are part of GAYA.

2, A Power spot

Visit a power spot nearby. It can be a mountain, a church, a temple, or a beach.

3, Sunrise

Watch the sunrise. Going somewhere at sunrise is a popular activity at equinoxes and solstices.

4, Meditate

Meditation is always a good way to tune into this sort of celestial energy. You can do any kind of meditation, whether it is Zen meditation or Vipassana Meditation.

5, Pray for Sanpo-Yoshi world

Pray for the world where you’ll be happy, people you have direct contact with will be happy, and society will be happy. Sanpo-Yoshi is a way to go in the Age of Air and the Age of Aquarius.  You and others are connected in oneness and so is society. In order for you to be happy, people around you need to be happy and the wider community needs to be happy.

6, Listen to happy music

Some of you may not be able to go outside. You can still do 4 and 5, and maybe 3 if you have a balcony or a window where you can see the sunrise. You can do many things inside the house. Feeling positive is important. So spend your day feeling happy. Listening to pleasant music is one way. Watching a heartwarming movie is another way. Watching comedy is another way.

7, Celebrate

Finally, you want to celebrate the day. It is a festival, after all. Have a drink and enjoy it. You can do Ima Iwai, if you like, to celebrate the present. Appreciate everything happening in your life now and celebrate it. Full moon is also a great time to do Ima Iwai.

This year, it isn’t just the ending of 2022, it is said that the three-year cycle started in 2020 will come to an end. The ending of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

What has happened in the last three years? Well, one big event is the coronavirus pandemic. It spread all over the world and has continued all the way till this year in one way or another. That will come to an end. Therefore, you can celebrate it, too.

I don’t think it simply means the ending of the pandemic alone, I think it represents the ending of the upheaves we have experienced in the last three years.  To be exact, we have one more year of slow transition until the new age begins, but in many ways, I feel we have crossed the peak, and things will get better and better from now on.

We will have a bigger harvest next year, but doing Ima Iwai now will help us manifest that reality more smoothly.

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