Eating Squash and Having a Yuzu Bath on Winter Solstice

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It rained yesterday, so I couldn’t do the sunrise sun exposure and hike up the mountain I was going to visit.

I just went to the hot spring place and had saunas and baths. I had four sessions of a sauna, cold bath, outdoor rest, and outdoor bath cycling. In the outdoor bath section, they had a Yuzu bath, as well.  This is something we usually do on the winter solstice in Japan, put Yuzu fruit in the bath.

I did it during my fasting window and ended up fasting for 19 hours.

The rain has let up by the evening, and I could do the sun exposure at sunset. I went for a walk with my son, so we could both look at the sunset.

We had squash and azuki beans for dinner, which is a typical dish on the winter solstice in Japan.

And pickled radishes with Yuzu.

And Yuzu bath at home, too.

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