Cold Shower and Morning Sun Exposure

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We haven’t had much snow this year, but we have frost every morning, and it is quite cold.

I now take a cold shower first thing in the morning.

During the warmer months, I go jogging or Nordic walking first, and then I take a shower as I get sweaty after the morning exercise.

But now it is too cold to get sweaty, especially when I go Nordic walking. So I take a shower before the walk.

It feels much colder when I take a shower right after getting up. It wakes me up and warms up my body, so in some ways, it is better to do it first thing in the morning during the winter.

I don’t do cold baths, as I talked about it before in the post Cold Plunge vs. Totonou, the Japanese Style sauna Bathing, and a cold shower is good enough for me. I take it for 90 seconds.

Cold Plunge vs. Totonou, the Japanese Style Sauna Bathing

Then after feeding my son, I do the morning sun exposure. I do sun gazing meditation and standing meditation.

Then, I continue walking on this usual route.

I like this routine in winter; taking a cold shower first, then doing the morning sun exposure during Nordic walking or jogging.

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