I Damaged My Knees Through Jogging

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A while ago, I shared with you this video about walking and jogging,

and in the video, I said one of the disadvantages of jogging was damaging your knees. At that time, I just stated what was commonly said, but I hadn’t experienced it myself.

However, now, I have experienced it. Last autumn, I tried going jogging three times a week or even four times a week to experiment.

Before that, I went Nordic walking twice a week and jogging just once a week.

Then, I did damage my knee. At first, it was just the left knee, so I thought it was to do with my posture during running but then later, I damaged my right knee, as well.

It looks like you can damage your knees through jogging, after all.

Other than damaging my knees, I could cope with the endurance.  I was able to jog four days a week, 45 minutes each, around 5 kilometers.

But because of the knee issue, I stopped this routine and went back to the original routine, NW twice a week, jogging once a week.

Sometimes, I go jogging twice a week and NW once a week, but not going jogging three times a week or four times a week.


In this video, Dr. Sten Ekberg, who is a holistic doctor and a former decathlon athlete who competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics for Sweden, says it is important to rest between exercises. Depending on the type of workout but you might need 48 hours to 72 hours recovery period between your workouts.

From this point of view, doing low-intensity aerobic exercise every other day is good. I also do high-intensity aerobic exercise every other day.

Instead of setting your routine by minutes, such as covering 180 minutes of zone 2 training a week, you may want to make sure to have enough intervals between your exercises. At least, not doing it every day. It is more critical if you are over 50 or 6o.


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