I Spoke at Ikigai Summit

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I spoke at the Ikigai Summit this morning.

It was fantastic to speak in front of an international audience. There were people from different time zones participated in it and from different hemispheres, too. For example, it apparently was 38 degrees in Melbourne Australia today, reminding me that it was summer over there.

One question I got was whether foreign people could practice Satoyama lifestyle in Japan.

My answer was yes. If you live in Japan and move to the countryside, it is possible. This kind of lifestyle is also called Inaka gurashi, and Inakagurashi seems to be becoming popular among foreign people, too. However, even if you don’t live in Japan, you can still practice the satoyama lifestyle. It isn’t unique to Japan. Although the landscape is different in each country, and Satoyama landscape, where villages are located at the foot of mountains, may be unique to Japan, a sustainable lifestyle circulating natural resources within a local community or bioregion can be practiced anywhere.

You can practice Shindofuji lifestyle, living locally and seasonally and according to the circadian rhythm, if you move to the countryside in your country or even in suburbs.

Dr. Ken Mogi also gave his presentation 2 hours before me so I listened to him speak. Interestingly, he mentioned Shikinen Sengu, a Japanese Shinto custom, in his talk, and it was one of my topics, as well.

The summit is still going on till tomorrow.

Ikigai Summit

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