Shizenha Bio-Hacking Makes You Feel like an Athlete Again

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like doing sports again after watching WBC. I mean doing sports more seriously, just like these young baseball players. I wonder if many people feel the same way.

In December, there was Soccer WorldCup, and that helped, too. In September, there will be the rugby WorldCup, and don’t you want to watch it in a more fit condition so that you feel more like a participant rather than just a spectator?

Yet, if you are over 60, it is kind of too late to join a baseball club or soccer club, let alone a rugby club, even if there are ones for seniors.

I can’t imagine myself playing a full soccer match with 10 other players. Group sports are difficult for seniors.

If we do sports, it has to be an individual sport so that we can do it at our own pace.

Yet, those individual sports such as walking and jogging tend to be more recreational based and lack the seriousness we just saw in WBC.

Of course, it is okay to do them as a recreational activity to maintain our health. But the urge we had from watching baseball games was a little more than that. The passion and energy we had when we were younger.

In that case, Shizenha Bio-Hacking is the answer. If you do walking or jogging within the context of Shizenha Bio-Hacking, they become more like an athlete’s training, which makes you feel like an athlete.

In Shizenha Bio-Hacking, you don’t just jog for the sake of jogging; you jog as a part of the entire biohacking routine. You also practice intermittent fasting, watch your nutritional intake, do high-intensity exercises, and do strength training.  You work on your mentality, too.

It is comprehensive training, just like the ones professional athletes do.

It is a lot more intense than recreational jogging or even fitness jogging.

When you do SIT, for instance, it is intense enough to make you feel like an athlete. You are not a senior, you are as young as these baseball players.

I remember watching Andrew Huberman’s podcast, where he was talking about sprinting. He said he wasn’t a professional sprinter or even an amateur sprinter, but he was a fitness sprinter.

Yes, you are a sprinter, and you are a biohacker. It isn’t just a hobby.

You have a goal, too, to reverse aging.



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