Part 2 of the Ikigai Tribe Podcast Interview was Released!

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The squash leaves are growing now as the temperature got higher.

Gardening is something I really recommend in the age of AI. It gives you the balance you need to gain the benefits of technology rather than being controlled by it.  Nature teaches you a lot. It gives you wisdom to truly transform your consciousness that I call EI, which I will talk about some other time.

But for now, please listen to the second part of my podcast interview; it has many clues for EI.

58 – The Benefits of Ikigai Bio-Hacking with Sachiaki Takamiya – Part 2

I talk about Shion Kansha, the secret Japanese way of praying at a Shinto shrine, Yoshuku, the Japanese law of attraction, Ima Iwai, an advanced version of Yoshoku I came up with, Zange, Shugendo’s spiritual practice, and Taru wo Shiru, a concept we need the most in this growth-oriented fast-paced culture.

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