Achieve Mental Bliss and Spiritual Awakening with Ikigai Bio Hacking Part 2 Yoshuku and Ima Iwai

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Did you catch the last video on Shinon Kansha?

What were your thoughts? Have you tried practicing it? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

To further enhance Shinon Kansha, there’s an additional practice called Ima Iwai. Unlike Shinon Kansha, which is a daily practice, Ima Iwai is less frequent, typically once a month. However, it strengthens the mindset cultivated by regular Shinon Kansha meditation.

I invite you to watch my video on Ima Iwai. I think you’ll find it beneficial.


Lastly, I have an important update regarding my book, “Ikigai Bio-Hacking.” Due to the increase in printing costs, the price will rise to $14.99 from June 20th. So if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, please consider purchasing it before the price change.

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