You’re Doing It Wrong: Common Mistakes in Preparing Natto

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I hope your weekly biohacking routines have been going well.

It’s time to embrace the Hare period and enjoy a more relaxed time.

As for my exercise routine this week, I went jogging on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on Tuesday and Thursday, I did my HIIT workouts. Tomorrow, which is Saturday, I plan to go swimming, which will fulfill my HIIT routine for the week.

In my household, we’ve been consuming a lot of packaged natto this week because I bought a bunch of them for my video shooting. Interestingly, my son actually prefers store-bought natto over homemade natto. It’s one of those quirky preferences he has, similar to how he enjoys eating hamburgers.

Of course, as long as he’s eating natto, it’s still better than indulging in hamburgers.

Speaking of natto, how do you enjoy eating it?

Do you follow the traditional Japanese way of having natto on top of white rice?

If so, I invite you to watch today’s video.



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