Which is Better, Eating Apples Every Day or Eating Them Only in Season?

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It’s cosmos season once again!

This Sunday, I returned to Satoyama cycling after a bit of a break. Lately, I’ve been keeping up with my zone 2 cardio routine, cycling less than before.

Here’s the current schedule I’m following: Monday is for jogging, Tuesday for Nordic walking, Wednesday back to jogging, Thursday for Nordic walking, and Friday is another jog. Each session lasts about 45 minutes, totaling 225 minutes of zone 2 training every week.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I include upper-body bodyweight strength HIIT in my regimen. Thursdays involve sprinting and other lower-body strength exercises like step-ups and short trail running.

October is sports month in Japan, and I’m getting more active than usual.

I’ve also started incorporating seasonal apples into my diet. Eating fruit when it’s in season feels more aligned with Shindofuji, living locally and seasonally. While apples are considered a superfood, I believe that the benefits of this seasonal approach go beyond the nutrients you get from daily apple consumption. When we’re not having apples, we enjoy other fruits in season. If there’s a circadian rhythm, then there’s likely a seasonal rhythm, and eating out-of-season fruit might be akin to taking a cold plunge at night rather than in the morning, regardless of the inherent benefits of cold plunging.

Following the circadian rhythm, it’s best to expose yourself to deliberate cold in the morning and deliberate heat in the evening.

I’ve also started taking baths at night. During the summer, I mainly took cold showers and skipped baths.

Your activities can certainly shift with the seasons.

Here are some recent videos I’ve uploaded:





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