Mindset You Need to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

During this pandemic, we need to be careful with our minds. Fear is everywhere. Whenever we turn on the TV, we hear a report about more people have gotten infected and died, or how hospitals are packed with patients, or how many more people lost their jobs and so on. I strongly urge you that you control your mind, not get affected by what you hear. While they can be true, it won’t help you if you are overwhelmed by it. One thing I do is to feel happy and positive all the time, no matter what happens. This pleasant feeling will send a positive vibration to your gut bacteria, and as a result, it will boost your immune system.

Finally, I Gave a Talk About Our Stay in Dartington and Totnes

I talked about vegetarian and organic food scenes in Totnes, Totnes Market, Apricot Centre and Biodynamic farming, Schumacher College, Transition Town Totnes and Reconomy Project, Bioregional Learning, and how we can apply some of the things happening there in our town. Many key figures from our town gathered, including 2 members of the town hall, one member of the local parliament, a farmer who used to be a member of community-reactivating cooperator squad, a school teacher, a researcher at a university and members of the Local Network.

The Biodynamic Food&Cookbook

The Biodynamic Food&Cookbook and Wendy E. Cook. Wendy studied macrobiotic cooking before practicing biodynamic cooking.
It is based on a holistic understanding of health and the environment, and it goes well with the Ikigai Diet.

What is a Bioregional Project?

What is a bioregional work? When you think of a diet, you need to understand the concept of a bioregion, since it is Shindofuji to find ingredients in your bioregion.

Fermented Spelt Wheat Berries and Spelt Flour Bread

How to make fermented spelt wheat berries. Fermented spelt wheat berries are the European version of fermented brown rice. I think the bacteria in spelt wheat are compatible with Europeans just like the brown rice bacteria are compatible with East Asians. Therefore you would get the similar health benefit from fermented spelt wheat berries as we get from fermented brown rice.