Three Reasons Why I Don’t Take Supplements like NMN or Resveratrol

In the field of anti-aging, supplements like NMN and Resveratrol are in the spotlight these days and many people take them. Well, I don’t take them and I have never taken these kinds of supplements in my life including regular dietary supplements. Today, I will tell you why I don’t.

Local Fiber Can Benefit Us More

In the last post, I said diverse fiber can feed diverse gut microbiomes. I also feel fiber from locally grown plants has more benefits and I think it is to do with the bacteria in the plants.

The 333rd Post and the Updated Version of The Ikigai Diet

I am so excited to announce that I have updated The Ikigai Diet book on my 333rd post.

Yes, this is the 333rd post since I began this blog.

As you know I started doing intermittent fasting in February, and have incorporated autophagy in the Ikigai Diet since then. Therefore I decided to update the book to add that element. 

Superfood Mashup: Avocado Natto Toast

I just saw an advertisement for Australia on Facebook and it was introducing some popular Australian dishes with colorful pictures. One of the dishes was avocado toast. As soon as I saw the photo, which was very eye-catching, I pictured myself sitting at a cafe in Australia and having it. Then, out of the blue, I felt it would go very well with natto.