Natto Recipe: Natto and Cheese on Toast

Natto is the king of superfoods in my opinion, and it has been chosen to be the healthiest food in Japan many times. Therefore, I have been introducing some Natto recipes recently. Today’s recipe is Natto and cheese on toast.

If you don’t want to have dairy products, this isn’t an option, of course, but if you don’t mind changing your policy now and again, it can be a great alternative since it increases the taste of Natto. Natto goes very well with melted cheese since they are both fermented food and sticky. What I have learned over the years is that if you are too strict with yourself, you are more likely to give up the diet after a few months. People who continue the diet for many years tend to come up with a system doable for them. And making exceptions from time to time is one of them. Cheese is better than milk since it is fermented, so I think it can be included in your diet occasionally, provided it is natural cheese.

First, you put grated cheese on a piece of bread. As you can see, it is homemade bread-haha.


Next, you put Natto on the cheese.


Alternatively, you can put stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto on the cheese.


Then, you put the pieces of bread in the oven, and toast them, until cheese melts, just like when you make cheese on toast. You don’t need to cook Natto, Natto is already in its eatable state.


Like that.


That’s it. I prefer stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto and cheese on toast. The best way is to have stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto for dinner and use the leftover for breakfast the next morning.

How  to make stir-fried minced vegetables with Natto


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