Natto Recipe: How to Make Natto Salad

Today’s Natto recipe is Natto Salad. It is my second favorite Natto dish. It is nutritionally rich with vinegar, olive oil, sesame seeds, and cabbage. I usually have it for the first thing at dinner. This way, I get to absorb enzyme from raw cabbage, and having vinegar and olive oil slows down the elevation of the blood sugar level.


First, you pour vinegar into a bowl.


Next, add olive oil.


Then, add sesame seeds.


After that, add soy sauce. If you have Mentsuyu, noodle soup base, it is even better.


Next, you put some mayonnaise.


Then, you mix them together.


Next, you shred cabbage.


And put the cabbage into the bowl.


Then, you mix the cabbage with the dressing.


After that, you put Natto on them.


Finally, you mix them together, and it is done.


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