Calcium Rich Niboshi Powder Omelet

I would like to remove milk from our school lunch, and I have been searching for calcium-rich dish recipes without using milk to convince the board of education.

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Niboshi and its powder can be a good source of calcium. Just 10 grams of Niboshi contains 220mg of calcium, which is almost the equivalent of the calcium in 200 ml milk. Niboshi is a dried small sardine, and my son loves it. You can eat the whole thing including the borns. That’s why it is high in calcium. It is also good from the viewpoint of Ichibutsu Zentai Shoku.

What is Ichibutsu Zentai Shoku? Watch this.


It is also high in omega 3 fatty acids called DHA and EPA. It is higher in magnesium than milk and it is better because of that. Magnesium can help you absorb calcium more smoothly.

Niboshi is the best alternative to milk as a source of calcium.

Yet, some kids may not want to eat it. If I were to introduce it as a menu for school lunch, I need to have several other options. Then, I thought about Niboshi powder, which has the same amount of calcium. I can use the powder in omelet, miso soup, salad dressing, and many other dishes.

Today, I tried making Niboshi powder omelet. I put 10g of Niboshi powder, which contains 220mg calcium, in it.

It’s not bad for me, but it was too thick for my son. 10g is a little too much.

In that case, I am going to make something else.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


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