Calcium Rich Niboshi Powder Omelet with Japanese Mustard Spinach

Since putting 10 grams of Niboshi powder was too much, I came up with another recipe where I can put less Niboshi powder. That is Niboshi powder omelet with Japanese mustard spinach.

Niboshis are dried small sardines on the left and Niboshi powder is its powder on the right. Niboshi is rich in calcium, containing 22omg for 10 grams of it.

This time, I put just 5 grams of Niboshi powder, which has 110 mg of calcium, and 80 grams of Japanese mustard spinach, which has 140 mg of calcium. So together, there is 250 mg of calcium, exceeding 230 mg of calcium in 200 ml milk. I also put some Hijiki seaweed to get some magnesium because magnesium helps us absorb calcium smoothly. You can use other high calcium vegetables like spinach, or kale, too.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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