Five Reasons Why Country-style Miso Soup Can Boost Your Immune System This Winter

It is getting cold these days and it feels like winter is right around the corner, doesn’t it? The flu and cold season is approaching in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Come to think of it, the pandemic started hitting in March, and we haven’t really experienced it in the middle of winter yet.

You can’t afford to catch a cold now because you don’t want to go to the hospital. That means you need to build up your immune system more than ever.

There are many ways to boost your immune system, which I introduced before, and miso soup can also help, especially country-style miso soup.

Today, I’ll share with you five reasons why country-style miso soup can help you boost your immune system during winter.

1, Miso is fermented soybean curd, and it is good for your gut microbiota.

2, We usually put seaweeds such as Wakame or Konbu in miso soup and seaweed contains a lot of magnesium.

3, We usually put a lot of vegetables in Inaka Misoshiru, country-style miso soup, and vegetables have a lot of dietary fiber, which also supports our gut.

4, Some country-style miso soups have Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I. If you use Niboshi as Dashi, you can include fish as in Sa, if you put tofu, you can include soybeans as in Ma, if you put shiitake, you can include Shi, and if you put Satoimo, Taro, you can include I, and if you sprinkle sesame seeds, you can include Go.

Ma: miso, tofu

Go: sesame seeds

Wa: Wakame

Ya: vegetables

Sa: Niboshi

Shi: Shiitake

I: Satoimo

5, It is soup and it can warm up your body. Having a low temperature is one of the causes of getting sick, so staying warm is crucial in wintertime.

I would have country-style miso soup for breakfast since it is good to warm up your body in the morning.

How to make country-style miso soup


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